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The world first SODIMM form factor ARM STM32F417 with sub Gigahertz Radio module, Ethernet and USB, running uLinux!

We are glad to present the first SODIMM ARM STM32 F4 processor with an embedded sub-gigahertz radio module able to open a new way to communicate with your boards!

This compact 200pins - SODIMM module enable the user to easily deploy the the powerful ARM STM32 F4 for many embedded applications like:

  • Embedded communication
  • Machine control
  • Industrial and automation project
  • and many others.


Technical features:

  • STMicroelectronics STM32F417IGH6
  • PSRAM 128MBit 70ns 54VFBGA
  • FLASH 128MBit 64FBGA
  • STMicroelectronics Spirit1 low power sub-1GHZ transceiver
  • 10/100 Ethernet Phy
  • Mini USB connection
  • RTC
  • Backup Super Capacitors  330mF
  • 200pins SODIMM Form factor
  • 1.27mm pitch connector



Figure 1.0 Multi purpose SODIMM with STM32F4 ARM Cortex-M4 and Sub Gigahertz capabilities.






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